News from 2019 

The children in Nursery up to PP2 took part in a sponsored Dotty Dance for Children in Need and Diabetes UK. It was a great time and an amazing amount was raised!
The Netball girls had a great time this week with their game against St Hilda's. They may have lost but they definitely put up a good fight!
The Nursery and Reception children participated in a WildScience animal experience. The children were shown different animals and discussed their habitats and different diets.
The children in Prep 5 and 6 participated in the Primary School Challenge again this year. The children had fun taking part in stimulating mathematic problems!
The older children looked at the famous Wilfred Owen poem and wrote their own responses to this work.
The Prep-prep children had an incredible time this week as they got to build Lego Cities in their workshops. Check out the gallery to find out more!
P3 have recently spent their time as detectives to investigate who stole Miss Shaw's prize box. The children went on to write some fantastic reports in their English lessons.
As you already know, our Harvest Collection was a great success. During the half-term, we took the donations up to the local foodbank.
P4AG recently hosted an assembly about the celebration of Navaratri and we were able to learn more about this Hindu festival
Four parents of our QHS children took part in the Shine Night Walk Marathon for Cancer Research. You can read this extract to find out more.
The girls smashed it in their most recent Netball match. We love a bit of competitive fun!
The Reception children have recently been learning about their five senses. They have been trying out a range of food.
Nursery and Reception have been focusing on developing their culinary skills this week. The children had a wonderful time making bread.
P3 had a great time learning about Space and the order of the Solar System.
This year's Harvest collection has been a massive success and we are looking forward to sending the donations to the Foodbank.
The Reception children enjoyed a nice Autumn walk around the school grounds last week.
Some of the girls and boys from P5 and P6 took part in the Able Writers' Workshop at Wealdstone Library led by Neal Zetter.
The children in P6 have been learning about microscopes and how they can be used to see a variety of cells. They clearly had an amazing time!
P5 had an incredible time visiting Kew Gardens. They learnt about the rain forest habitat and sketched some of the plants!
We had a fantastic time celebrating the Festival of Eid with our Muslim families. Check out the gallery to see the highlights.
Our Chapel Choir visited the London Charterhouse to sing Vespers.
P5 had great fun in their science lessons as they learnt about different mixtures and how they can be separated.
P6 had a fantastic time during their recent trip to the National Gallery in London. They also got to create their own artwork during the visit.
The Art Exhibition at the Royal College of Art was hosted on the 30th of April. The pupils had some great artwork on display.
For the past two weeks, the children in Reception have been watching as baby chicks hatch from their eggs. Check out the gallery to find out more!
P7 have been conducting chromatography experiments to solve crimes this week. They produced some really interesting results.
PP2 had a great time measuring one another yesterday morning. They learnt the importance of measurements and how to measure accurately.
P3 have really enjoyed learning about Vikings this week and created some wonderful 3D models of Viking Longboats.
The Chapel Choir gave an amazing performance during their trip to Walsingham. Check out the gallery to find out more!
Some of the students from Prep were involved in Maths Quiz Challenge this year. One of the teams came first place in the quiz.
Reception had a wonderful time visiting Willow's Farm last week. Check out the gallery to see what they got up to!
P5 had an incredible time identifying different acids and alkalis in Chemistry this week.
The children came together for a vintage afternoon tea in support of the Toilet Twinning Charity
The cross country 600m relay was a really successful event and the children put in a great performance.
The boys in P7 attended the More Able Writers' Day which was led by the famous comedy performance poet, Neal Zetter.
P8 were treated to a visit from the famous children's book writer, Alan Gibbons at the John Lyon School. They were even able to buy a signed copy of his latest book.
We are happy to announce that we have been able to send £1215.50 to Sarah Hope from the money that has been raised for her charity.
The pupils from P3 to P8 participated in the Inter-House Maths Relay Competition. It was such a great event!
Pupils from P6 had great fun taking part in the Maths Challenge this year.
The pupils from P7 recently created some amazing art masterpieces. Have a look at their great work!
P8 have been learning all about the importance of budgeting and managing their money. They learnt some useful techniques!
Four members from P8 visited Oxford University for the Festival of Chemistry. They all took part in the Salters' Challenge.
The Nursery and Pre-prep children pushed their physical abilities as they took part in a sponsored scoot and cycle for Red Nose Day.
PP1 had the time of their lives as they visited Windsor Castle this week. The children got to see swords and shields.
P3 and P4 had an amazing time on their trip to Walsingham. They even visited an Anglo Saxon Village!
P5 had a fantastic time this week conducting an experiment working on various chemical and physical changes.
This week in English, P3 became news reporters for the day and presented their own special news reports.
P3 learnt a lot about the Anglo-Saxon justice system this week in History. The children had a brilliant time learning about the various punishments during the Anglo-Saxon period.
P3 really enjoyed making observations about the physical and human features of the school.
Pre-prep had an incredible day celebrating National Science Week and got involved in various exciting science experiments!
The Nursery children had a fantastic day at Science Day as they got involved in some exciting experiments.
The children had a great time this year during World Book Day
The pupils were treated to an informative visit from Affinity Water
The pupils in P3 delved into the importance of Lent and what it means to us as Christians
P5 had great fun testing the properties of different materials in their lessons this week!
The Nursery and Reception children were treated to a visit from the Harrow Fire Brigade
PP2 had a fantastic day as they visited Shrek's adventure in London
Year 5 experience life as Medieval monks during an inspiring workshop to St Albans Cathedral.
Our super Nursery Children turn into their favourite Superheroes for the day.
P3D design their very own Anglo Saxon Helmets.


Mike Still, 21/02/2020