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Issue 32 - 15 November 2019 

From the Headmaster 

Dear Parents,

The term is certainly unfolding quickly and before long the Christmas vacation will be upon us. There are only twenty working days between now and the end of term! As ever, the school calendar is packed full of opportunities, events and festivities and there is a great deal organised for the end of term, so keep a close eye on all that is planned over the forthcoming weeks. 

The children in P4 to P8 will be heaving a sigh of relief having finished their exams. They will have the opportunity to go through their exam scripts with staff next week. Receiving this feedback is an important stage in their learning journey and I would encourage you to discuss with your sons and daughters about the areas on which they need to continue to focus in their studies. Specific feedback for parents will come over the next few weeks via a parents’ evening and your child's school report. Please ensure you have looked at the calendar to ensure you do not miss your classes allotted evening. Fr Mike will have sent (or will be sending) out letters to remind you. I would request that parents do not try and make appointments with the staff before this time.

On Monday, the Second Hand Book Sale opened in the foyer. It has been a great success with daily visits from the children. It presents a fabulous opportunity for the children to build their libraries at home. I must take this opportunity to thank Mr Ellis for all his hard work in organising the sale.

The children in the Pre-Prep and EYFS had an exciting Friday morning performing their Dotty Dance. I was lucky enough to see some of the dancing and I would like to congratulate the children and parents for the variety of dotty outfits. What a great success and all in support of Children in Need. Miss Agius and Miss Rajdev certainly organised an entertaining event, which apparently raised a considerable amount of money. Thank you both.

Our Advent Festival Service will take place at Trinity Church on 11 December. This is an important date in our school calendar and I would like to remind parents that it is a compulsory event for all children in P3 – P8. 

International Bring and Share Supper Party 

A date for your diary for next term is Saturday 8 February 2020, when we will be holding our annual International Bring and Share Supper Party at school. This is always popular, and gives us all a chance to sample dishes and tastes from a huge variety of cultures and traditions which make up our school. I'll definitely be dieting beforehand. 

Second Hand Book Sale

Mr Ellis thanks parents and children for their interest in the sale which raised well  over £100. A final total will be published when we have it, and the remainder of the books will be going, in due course, to a good course who can make use of them!

Dotty Dancing 

Mrs. Sweeney writes:

The PP1 children had a fantastic time today joining in with our ‘Dotty Dance’ fundraiser for Children in Need and Diabetes UK. They all looked fantastic and due to your generosity and support, they have also raised lots of money for these worthy causes. we cannot wait to hear our final total! So, thank you all, very much!

All the younger people participated, and the time of putting this Herald together the total looks like being close to £1100 - but I believe that more money is coming in. 

PP1 Visiting Chapel

To tie in with their learning about Christianity this term, PP1 came and visited m our Chapel specifically to see some of the important features of our place of worship. More pictures will go on the website, but here are two of our children with a stained glass window which was made for the school some years ago.

pp1 visiting chapel

FQHS ChIldren's Disco

The date for this is next Saturday, 23 November, from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. Last year's Disco was incredibly popular and tickets sold out quickly. Tickets  cost £10, and are still available from the Office.

FQHS School Disco

P4 Parents' Evenings

To give us the time to see all our P4 families, there will be a second evening for these meetings. When invited to attend, parents of P4 children will be offered appointment for either 9 or 10 December.

Primary Maths Challenge

This week our children in P5 and P6 took part in the PMC 2019. 

I will post a page on the QHS website about this maths challenge in a little more detail, but here is the question which some of the staff thought to be the hardest of the 25 posed. I'd be interested in what you think (no calculators were allowed) 
...... .........  .......... x .........  .......... = 11655

In this multiplication of a three-digit by a two-digit number, each square holds a single digit.  Four of the five unknown digits are the same. What is the total of all five of the unknown digits?

Friends of QHS

Our Christmas Suprise Shopping Room is due to be set up again in a few weeks' time, and we are starting to gather a list of helpers' names for that day. Help is required for all, or a part, of the day. 

We will be  planning a meeting for any parents who would be able to help with this event next Monday - 18 November, in the Dining Room from 8:00pm. Any parent ís welcome to come along to the meeting, to find out about the event, and to help our planning.

I hope to see some of you there. Apologies for the short notice, but if you want to help out, drop me an email and we'll stay in touch.  

Coming Up

Monday 18 November:
  • No More Exams
  • 8:00pm - Friends of QHS Planning Meeting
Tuesday 19 November:
  • EYFS Parents' Evening (option 1)
Wednesday 20 November:
  • U13 Football v Aldenham
Thursday 21 November
  • Prep 4 are visiting the Tutunkahum Stadium
  • EYFS Parents' Evening (option 2)
  • Our school Governors will be visiting QHS
Saturday 23 November 
  • FQHS Children's Disco (see above in this Herald)
Monday 25 November 
  • P6 to visit the National Army Stadium (Chelsea)
Tuesday 26 November 
  • PP1 and PP2 Parent's Evenings

Thursday 28 November 
  • P8 Parents' Evening (emails coming home to you this weekend)

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas too –
lots of practice going on for the Advent Service…

Fr Mike Still 
Assistant Head (Administration)
mike still signature

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