At Quainton Hall we concur with educational theorists who emphasise the importance of the creative mind and ‘emotional intelligence’ and ‘well-being’ – the need to develop the whole personality and children’s imaginations especially. Drama has the power to liberate the mind. 
The use of drama has been used over the course of history from the time of Aristotle, who believed that theatre provided people a way to release emotions, right to the beginning of the progressive movement in education, where emphasis was placed upon “doing” rather than memorizing. Integrating drama helps children in various ways. 

  • Drama is part of real life and prepares students to deal with life’s problems.
  • Drama engages students in creative problem-solving and decision making
  • Drama develops verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Drama can enhance students’ psychological well-being
  • Drama develops empathy and new perspectives
  • Drama builds cooperation and develops other social skills
  • Drama increases concentration and comprehension through engagement
  • Drama helps students consider moral issues and develop values
  • Drama offers a learning avenue that enhances other areas of the curriculum

At KS 1 Drama is an ideal subject for young children to experience.  It is invaluable as a means for developing communication skills, encourage positive social interaction, increasing physical control and teaching children how to listen and respond appropriately. It is essential, for example, that children at this stage of their development learn to listen and respond to instructions and many drama games contain this element as an implicit part of the activities.

At KS 2, Drama can help pupils to be more confident and assertive when faced with situations which cause them distress, through peer pressure and social inclusion issues. 
Further development of language and communication skills are also an essential element of drama work, as are encouraging independent work, positive group interaction, negotiation skills, maintaining appropriate responses, further developing speaking and listening skills and facilitating creative expression.


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