ICT2At Quainton Hall School this subject covers the use of electronic technology in all its forms, including computers and other communication devices.  

From the earliest classes, pupils have computers in their classrooms, allowing staff to integrate computing practice within any lesson they choose.  In addition, all pupils from the Reception class upwards have a Computing lesson in their weekly timetable.

Our  Computing suite contains Windows based PCs for each member of the class (enabling individual work to be undertaken most of the time).  These are networked, and appropriate internet filtering is in place, along with an acceptable use policy which is agreed by staff, parents and pupils. From Year 3, each pupil has their own password-controlled file-space on the server, where their work-in-progress is stored.

Computing skills (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases etc.) are all covered through the children’s Computing lessons, along with a continuous strand of computing topics - introducing the basics of sequencing (simple programming) from an early age.  As the pupils progress, they are introduced to several programming languages, and start to use simple programmable devices (such as the BBC micro:bit) as an introduction to the IOT (internet of things).

Opportunities for appropriate cross-curricular interaction are actively sought through all years. Computing has obvious links with maths and science, but can be used in support of any other written subject.  Projects can be supported well, both with research and presentation.  In particular, geography projects required by pupils for their 13+ examinations are fully integrated into teaching in Years 7 and 8 where needed.

A large number of recently purchased Chromebooks allow much more use of ICT in subject classrooms, and our Year 6 to Year 8 pupils have them available to them whenever staff feel they can enhance the learning.  A further set is available for loan to younger year groups.

New suite of computers and the latest in whiteboard technology for our pupils.
P6 have been working on creating games as part of their coding lessons.
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