Art and Design 

ArtArt is an integral part of Quainton Hall School's curriculum, providing our pupils with a unique means of expressing their ideas by allowing them to explore new thoughts and give life to their creative minds.

Children are taught techniques to develop skills, sketch and paint based on observation, understand and appreciate art, learn about world-renowned artists and develop independent artwork. This is planned and covered as part of a core curriculum across the early, primary and middle years.

We end the year with an annual inter-house art competition; a festive event that showcases the talent and learning of the students across all years.

The early years are introduced to the basic concepts of drawing and colouring. They learn to recognise the primary and secondary colours of the colour wheel while being encouraged to draw independently. Theme-based crafts are part of the curriculum.

Each term, students are introduced to the elements of art and explore their application. Learning about art timelines, art movements and artists are part of the curriculum. From designing book covers to posters, lots of team work, exploring the techniques of world renowned artists, lessons are busy and full of creative fun and learning.

After school activities
The after school Art Clubs are among the most popular choices of the students. Here they combine various techniques and add an element of fun to it. They work towards an exhibition at the end of their six-week term, which boosts their creativity and encourages them to go further.

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