Theology, Philosophy & Religion

RS 134•    What is religion?
•    How did the universe begin?
•    Why do people suffer?
•    Why do Christians celebrate Easter?
•    How does religion affect society?
•    What do Jews believe about life after death?
•    Are there different ways of seeing the truth?

The main aim of Theology, Philosophy and Religion Studies at QHS is to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development of pupils by encouraging them to explore those aspects of human experience which raise fundamental questions about beliefs and values. Children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards followers of other faiths and to understand that people express beliefs and ideas in a variety of ways.

We achieve our aims through the use of:
•    A wide range of up-to-date, attractive textbooks for all classes
•    DVDs and online resources
•    Interactive whiteboards in every classroom
•    An extensive range of high quality artefacts
•    Photo packs
•    Drama, art and music
•    Visiting speakers and visits to places of worship

The syllabus for pupils in Years 4-6 covers a range of different topics, e.g.:
•    Christmas journeys
•    Muslim beliefs and practices
•    Faith and the Arts
•    Religions in our neighbourhood
•    Worship and community

From Year 7 pupils study the ISEB Religious Studies Syllabus A,  comprising biblical studies, contemporary issues and world religions. It reflects the fact that the religious traditions of the United Kingdom are, in the main, Christian while taking into account other principal religions that are represented.

Pupils study a full issues-based course requiring the ability to read and interpret religious texts and understand religion in its contemporary setting. It also provides the opportunity for all pupils, of any religious persuasion or none,  to discuss and express their thoughts and opinions - and to demonstrate their attainment, irrespective of their gender or ethnic or social background.

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