HistoryHistory is taught throughout the school and pupils are encouraged to find out about events and peoples.

Nursery and Pre-Prep
The youngest children cover historical stories and information through “topics”, such as “London”. 

From P3-P8 different eras from history are taught such as The Romans, The Tudors, Medieval times and World War II. 

P7-8 cover the Common Entrance syllabus of Medieval Realms and The Making of the United Kingdom. 
They write, make posters and models and enjoy role play.  There are termly visits to galleries and museums in central London, St Alban’s and Oxford.  P3 and P4 visit Walsingham on a history and RS visit every two years.

Our oldest children have had great success with history for senior school entrance examinations and as part of the humanities papers favoured by some senior schools. 

Children in P8 are given the chance to enter the prestigious Townsend-Warner history award – a prize that is over 100-years-old and that has previously been attempted by famous names such as Winston Churchill and George Orwell.  Quainton Hall pupils have regularly featured in the top 50 prize winners and a few years ago a pupil won the first prize, coming ahead of pupils from some of the leading preparatory schools in the country.

P3 learnt a lot about the Anglo-Saxon justice system this week in History. The children had a brilliant time learning about the various punishments during the Anglo-Saxon period.
P3D design their very own Anglo Saxon Helmets.
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