French is the language of our nearest neighbours, probably the easiest foreign language for English speakers to learn and, after English, one of the most widely-learned languages worldwide.

At QHS we believe in giving pupils a solid grounding in French as well as in teaching them lots about the joy of travelling in France, experiencing French culture and about the huge number of other countries which are part of the French-speaking world.

French is taught at QHS from Reception through to Year 8. This early start enables the pupils to learn the language thoroughly and to reach an excellent level by the time they leave us at 11 or 13.

EYFS and Pre-Prep
In the early stages the emphasis is on enjoyment and communication, with lots of the learning being done through songs and mime.

As the pupils progress into Year 3 and Year 4, the focus begins to include the acquisition of a wide vocabulary. Pupils  practise role plays and short drama sketches in make-believe cafés and shops. It is hoped that they will be able to make use of this if they go to France on holiday.

As they move on in to Year 5 they begin to learn verbs and study French grammar in detail - whilst continuing the fun and communication. Older pupils  have opportunities to study French poems and songs and, in Year 8, even to watch a French TV series.

We follow the Expo course (books 1, 2 and 3) which contains a wealth of lively reading and listening texts as well as clear grammar explanations. This is supplemented with lots of the department’s self-made resources - along with specialist websites and traditional grammar books.

Pupils may be invited to a special French clinic during lunchtimes to help them catch up if they have fallen behind.

The pupils use and Languages online as part of their studies.

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