MathsAt QHS, all pupils will have opportunities to:

  • Work at their own ability level and be supported if necessary
  • Be challenged above their ability level and be supported if necessary
  • Work individually, in pairs and in groups
  • Work in the areas of number, measure, shape, space, data handling, problem solving and investigations
  • Develop their times tables, mental maths and application skills
  • Use calculators and computers
  • Use a range of mathematical tools, instruments and equipment in practical tasks in and out of the classroom
  • Develop their maths skills at home through homework tasks
  • Demonstrate their progress through regular assessments and examinations

All pupils have access to the MyMaths and BOFA websites and we encourage the use of these at home and in school.

A regular lunchtime Maths clinic runs every Thursday and Friday.  Pupils can receive one to one or small group assistance with any issue they have been encountering.

From Reception through to Year 3, the children are taught Mathematics by their form teachers. At the end of Year 3, children are arranged into ability groups and taught by specialist Mathematics teachers. These groups follow the same syllabus, working at a pace which suits each pupil's needs. The groups are flexible and children are constantly re-assessed. This information is shared with both the pupil and the parents.

Prep School
Select pupils represent the school in local inter-school Maths challenges. We ensure that pupils are prepared for entry into a wide range of independent and Grammar schools through the 11+ selection test, the Common Entrance examination at 13+ or individual examinations set by the schools themselves. We also prepare some pupils for scholarships where required.

Setting Policy

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Maths Resources 

Primary Maths Challenge
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