School Council 

The School Council provides an opportunity for the chosen representatives of each year group to meet and discuss issues concerning the whole school. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

The School Council is formed through annual election by their peers of one representative from each class from Year 1 to Year 8. The Head Pupil is the Chair of the Council and the elected member of Year 8 is the Secretary.  A pupil serves on the Council for one year and then steps down; they may be re-elected after a gap of one year. 

The Charter
The Charter sets out rules for our Pupil Councillors to take part in school decision-making. To enable them to be successful in this, the school will provide resources, training and support, and listen to the council when it makes its proposals:

  • All pupils have the right to have a say in school life
  • Pupil Councillors will have regular opportunities to feedback ideas about key issues affecting the school to the wider student body and to school management
  • The School Council will have the opportunity to meet at least twice every term during school time
  • The school Council will be consulted and have a say in certain decisions that are appropriate
  • Pupil Councillors should be given the appropriate support to enable them to participate effectively
  • Pupils will be regularly informed, with reasons, of actions taken or not taken as a result of their views and participation. 

The Council meets once every half-term and discusses the suggestions of their individual classes, suggestions made to the ideas box and those put forward by staff.  Minutes are shared on the School website, the Council Noticeboard and during Form Time.

Ideas that have come from the School Council in recent years include:

  • menu choices
  • the gardening club
  • locker room refurbishment
  • charity event ideas
  • stationery shop
  • Fruit on sale at break-time