English is taught using liveEnglsih 6ly and creative methods through a variety of texts and resources incorporating ICT from PP1 onwards. 

Progress is carefully monitored and pupils are supported so they achieve their potential.

The library is stocked with fiction and non-fiction books. Visits by speakers and authors are welcomed. Pupils take part in national competitions, More Able Writers’ Workshops and trips to the theatre.

Our primary aim is to develop confidence and achievement in the skills of:

  •     Reading
  •     Writing
  •     Comprehension
  •     Spelling
  •     Grammar
  •     Punctuation
  •     Speaking
  •     Listening

This enables our pupils to leave us with an enthusiasm for English as they enter their secondary school education. 
Homework Help

Pupils from P3 and P4 met Neal Zetter, performance Poet...
P3 have recently spent their time as detectives to investigate who stole Miss Shaw's prize box. The children went on to write some fantastic reports in their English lessons.
Some of the girls and boys from P5 and P6 took part in the Able Writers' Workshop at Wealdstone Library led by Neal Zetter.
The boys in P7 attended the More Able Writers' Day which was led by the famous comedy performance poet, Neal Zetter.
This week in English, P3 became news reporters for the day and presented their own special news reports.
In October 2017 children’s author Ian Whybrow visited Quainton Hall School to to raise money and awareness about Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH).
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