AssemblyThere are many occasions during the school year when we all gather together.

These assemblies are often held in the Susan Milner Hall (our multi-purpose space in the centre of the school) and may be led by the Headmaster, other members of staff or groups of pupils. They address a particular aspect of school life or a topic in our PSHCE syllabus.  Class-led assemblies are often used to present and explain some aspect of our community life or to celebrate an anniversary or cultural event.  

Our assemblies gather a large part of the school community together (usually all children from Year 3-8), and can be an ideal chance for adults or children to talk about significant national or international events such as  elections, natural disasters etc.

The youngest children have their own weekly assembly sessions when stories are used to introduce topics of importance for the children’s personal development – healthy eating, friendships, personal safety etc.


11th November 2020...
P4KB singing '1000 years'.
PP2K celebrate their love for their mothers...
The story behind the Festival of Hanukkah...
A chance to hear a number of our LAMDA students perform...
Prep 7 presented a thought-provoking assembly...
The older children looked at the famous Wilfred Owen poem and wrote their own responses to this work.
P4AG recently hosted an assembly about the celebration of Navaratri and we were able to learn more about this Hindu festival
This year's Harvest collection has been a massive success and we are looking forward to sending the donations to the Foodbank.
The children had a great time this year during World Book Day
The pupils were treated to an informative visit from Affinity Water
Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope Charity Update
Our children performed beautifully in their Diwali assembly.
Preparations underway for a big Diwali Celebration Assembly in November.
In October 2017 children’s author Ian Whybrow visited Quainton Hall School to to raise money and awareness about Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope (ELoH).