Agnes EydenQuainton Hall School was founded more than 120 years ago by Agnes Eyden in her house, “Quainton”, in 1897.

This part of Harrow was mostly open fields and farming was still the predominant activity around the area. Hindes Road itself was a cart track.

In its earliest days, QHS catered for a small number of boys and girls up to the age of 11 – and most children walked home every day for their lunch.
In 1923 Agnes’ son, Montague (affectionately known as ‘Mont’ to all who knew him) took over the headship of the school. It became a single sex boys’ school aimed at providing a Christian education to the sons of local gentlemen, catering for pupils up to the standard independent school transfer age of 13. 

Mont remained as Head until 1969, a period of 46 years. During this period, the school was sold to the Guardians of the Anglican Shrine to Our Lady in Walsingham, thus ensuring it would retain its distinctive Christian ethos.
Mont was succeeded by Peter Milner, himself also an Old Quaintonian, who later retired after 29 years in post. During this period, and later under the headship of Desmond Banister and Edwin Brown, the school further expanded, and with the acquisition of an established local nursery it was changed to a co-educational establishment for 2½ to 13-year-olds.

The present Head, Simon Ford, is only the 6th to hold this position during the 120+ years that the school has been open. The Nursery and Reception classes are now situated with the main school grounds, adjacent to the Hindes Road site.Scouts

Although much has changed in local demographics and in the world at large since QHS was first established, we have maintained a steady growth while remaining true to our key values.  Children of all world faiths (and none) attend the school, which remains known as a “school of faith”.

We have been described as a small school with a big heart. Old Quaintonians have moved on to build successful careers in many areas of society, based on the grounding they received while at QHS. Many still keep in touch and are welcome to continue to do so and to share their memories with us.