Reception and pre-prepThere are four classes in the Pre-Prep department at Quainton Hall School (Years 1 and 2, for 5 to 7 year olds). 

Our emphasis is on making our pupils feel excited about their learning and showing the children how they can develop to their best ability in a caring environment. 

We focus on building firm foundations in Literacy and Maths skills and ensuring the children are learning through cross curricular themes and topics. The small classes have one class teacher and one teaching assistant which means that each individual child is able to receive attention and support. 

In years 1 and 2 Maths, Literacy, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, Theology, Philosophy and Religion, PSHCE, History and Geography (Topic) are taught by the class teacher. PE, Games, French, Music, Art, Yoga, Swimming and Drama are taught by specialist teachers. 

The Pre-Prep teachers work closely with the EYFS team and the Prep School Staff to ensure there are seamless transitions from Reception to Year 1 and from Year 2 to Year 3. 

At Quainton Hall we encourage the children to be confident and to embrace their unique achievements whilst they progress through the school. 

A typical day in the Pre-Prep would look like this: 

8:25 – Bell rings
8:30 – Register 
8.45 – Lesson 1 
9.45 – Phonics
10.00 – Play time
10.30 – Snack
10.45 – Lesson 2
12.00 – Lunch 
1:00 – Lesson 3
2:00 – Lesson 4 
2:30 – Play time 
2:45 – Lesson 5
3:45 – Home time 

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