01 NurseryOur Nursery provides a sound foundation for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of your child in a way that is fun, un-pressured and stimulating.

We are proud that it recently received the accolade of "Outstanding" from ISI. 

The Head of Early Years has gained Early Years Professional Status and leads a very experienced team, providing an excellent start to a child's education and opportunities for your son/daughter to develop their individual potential through play-based activites.

The Nursery shares the same  stand-alone building with its own entrance with Reception at No 6-8 Radnor Road and the benefit of a fantastic outdoor classroom environment and fully enclosed garden.

The Nursery opens each morning at 8.30am, with the option of an earlier start with breakfast, and finishes at 3.45pm.

News from our Nursery

Nursery children have been practicing their funky finger skills to help them to become able writers
The children in Nursery are focusing on Numbers
Nursery children sing ‘goodbye’ song as they released our newly hatched butterflies into the Nursery garden.
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