Lego Cities under construction... 

PP1 children took part in a Lego building workshop in October. They spent the morning designing and building their town using Lego skills and techniques.  First the children built their own house with a garden and then they pieced them together to build a town.

This is what some of the children said:

"I liked making the garden with flowers". Amelia.

"I had to build levels in it for my Lego house." Arjun

"We had to put the first layer and we had to make a strong wall" Yashvi

PP2 are LEGO Builders too!
We collaborated to design and build an 'Electro City' of LEGO!  We created a circuit using a wire, a bulb and a battery to light up our buildings.  It was brilliant fun - such an awesome afternoon!! 

Here are some photos from the children building and showing off their cities...