Art and DT News - September 2020

A lot has been going on already in the Art Department this term...   

P3 have completed their Piet Mondrian water colour compositions. Some work will appear below.
Pupils have imaged New York city to Hindes road while designing their compositions. 

P4 have completed their Typography work. They have learnt about an ascender, descender and a Serif.

P5 are still working on their Aboriginal designs. Some beautiful dots and colours already appearing.

P6 have completed their Tripytch. We have sunsets to abstract designs. Which one is your favourite?

P7 are working on Georgia O Keeffe's magnificent flowers while P8 are finishing their street art work.


P3 worked with clay and we are on our way to designing Roman spear heads!

P4 have started to work with Yarn, we have some colourful butterflies coming your way.