PP2 zoom to the zoo... 

On Thursday PP2 took a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore - they  saw Eels, Sharks, Dolphins and 3 types of Jellyfish.   They then went diving with Turtles, saw an Octopus getting fed, watched some penguins and sketched some Sharks! (see the photos).

They continued their busy day on a World Tour of Zoos!  They first went to see the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, sadly they were sleeping.  They then saw the twin polar bear cubs in Netherlands. After that they went on a trip to see the Elephants and even more penguins at San Diego Zoo.

It was then off to the Savannah - where they saw - giraffes, ostriches, rhinos, zebra and antelope.

Finally they made our way back to London Zoo to see the Lemurs, Squirrel Monkeys and a Baby Sloth (Miss Ellery's favourite!)

The children and staff had lots of fun and Miss Rajdev overcame her fear of sharks (just a bit!)

Photos below...

Some quotes from the Children...

Aiza: The sharks were interesting because they were not eating the fish but I thought they were trying to eat the fish.

 Adam C: I loved this morning’s trip to Baltimore Zoo. My favourite part was when we saw the bottlenose dolphins ?????? because they are my favourite animals and are very cute!

Shivani: I loved the morning trip because all of the fish looked hilarious but my favourite one was an ugly one it was the black grouper fish and so it was big.

Zalaan: I enjoyed the trip to the National Aquarium a lot. Upside down jellies were so funny that I laughed so hard. The dolphins looked friendly. All the sea creatures were fun to watch. It was super fun.

Kishan: I really enjoyed the trip this morning, my favourite part was seeing the video of the sharks.

Aiza: I loved the interesting giraffes because they were very spotty and towering.

Ottilie:  I loved when I saw the sloth- I looove sloths!

Shivani: The afternoon trip was extremely interesting because all of the animals were cute, I loved the way one penguin was swimming and my most favourite animals were the giraffes and the elephants because they were the cutest!


Mike Still, 27/06/2020