Prep 4 to the South Bank 

 Children from Year 4 visited The Globe Theatre and The Golden Hinde as part of their learning in History and Drama. 
At the Globe, children learnt all about the History of this iconic theatre as well as engaging in a fun workshop where they learnt more about Shakespeare's famous play of Romeo and Juliet. Many children expressed an interest to go back and watch a play there so keep updated on future productions. 
At the Hinde, we learnt all about the Tudor explorer Sir Francis Drake and his exploits as well as learning how the seamen used to live on deck while on the voyages. They had fun exploring what was below deck, handling the cannons and finding out fascinating facts of their voyages.
We never did get to enjoy our ice-cream on the South Bank due to the appalling weather but we do have to thank Tate Modern for providing us shelter during the day.