St Alban's Cathedral... 

On Monday 3rd February, Year 5 went to visit the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans. At the Cathedral we had an inspiring tour as a Christian place of worship and as a site of religious pilgrimage. The children were able to don a Bishops cope and mitre, and even stand in the pulpit. Looking around the Cathedral the children were delighted by the amazing stained glass windows, particularly the magnificent ‘Rose Window’ in the north transept.

We were then treated to a wonderful workshop on ‘Illuminated lettering’ and the children were transformed into medieval monks and nuns, donning scapulars and working in lamplight to the sound of Gregorian chants! The finished work will be displayed on the TPR display board.

Whilst we were having lunch, two Policemen who were on patrol commented on how well the children were behaving in the Cathedral. Many thanks to all the girls and boys for maintaining our impeccable reputation whilst on a trip!

St Albans 1St Albans 2St Albans 3