Issue 9 - 10 March 2019 

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

World Book Day was certainly a highlight of this week. Once again, it was a truly fabulous day where we had the opportunity to celebrate all things literary. I would like to thank Mrs Beevor; alias Mary from Peter Pan, by J M Barrie, for all her hard work and a special thank you goes to the pupils of P6 for their excellent presentations in assembly. I would also like to thank Mr Diaz (Captain Hook) and Miss Shaw (The Queen of Hearts) and the P3 pupils for their humorous and well-performed assembly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the children and staff and a wonderful celebration of literature.

Aside from World Book Day, this has also been a very busy week. We had success at the Aldenham cross-country on Thursday with Danny (P5) coming second in the boys’ race. Well done to all the boys and girls who participated. Cross-country is not an easy event!

Wednesday was an eventful day as we had Affinity Water visit the school to talk about ‘Water Day Challenge’. They presented an assembly to the whole school around the topic of the amount of water we use. Affinity Water then spent the morning with P3 and P4 running interactive sessions where the children had to build a water system to ensure all their buildings had a water supply. This took teamwork, an understanding of water flow and a lot of determination. An extremely informative and fun morning was enjoyed by all. My thanks go to Ms Campion for organizing this event and for linking it specifically to the PSHCE topic of "Healthy Me".

On Friday, we were educated and entertained by the Science Museum. In the morning PPR – P4 were shown how bubbles work. Later in the day P5 – P8 looked at the material world. The whole school gathered at the end of the day and I was lucky enough to join them. It was titled ‘greatest hits’ and it certainly was. We had hydrogen explosions and liquid nitrogen bangs, which certainly made a memorable end to the week.

With so much happening between now and the end of term, please read the Quainton Herald and keep an eye on the website. 

Drama, Dance and Bollywood  drama and bollywood

It’s all happening here later this month!

Tickets are now available in the School Office for our two productions of “Music Mashup!” which will include all the children who have drama lessons in school, along with all our Bollywood and Dance club children.  The two performances will be at 5:00 pm in the Susan Milner Hall on:
Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 March.

Tickets are free, but apply for your tickets soon, as space is limited by the size of our hall and the number of children taking part! The parents of children in PP1 and PP2 who are going to be involved should be aware that Parent-Teacher Consultations for these two-year groups are on the afternoons/evenings of Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March so that they can plan ahead accordingly. Miss Shah has already been in touch regarding costumes for these afternoons.

From the Sports Department

Whilst the boys and girls have been training outside at school this week, we have noticed quite a number of them not wearing tracksuits. Please, may we remind parents that this is part of the required uniform for the School. A lot of our younger pupils were looking cold in between drills and skills sessions, and although they were not complaining, we did feel sympathetic.

During this term, we have used the Astroturf, the playgrounds and the Susan Milner Hall for games in rotation, so this may explain why they haven’t been complaining of being too cold at home! We are all looking forward to some warmer weather.

Inter-House Maths Competitions this week

On Tuesday and Wednesday, pupils from P3 to P8 will be participating in the In House Team Maths Relay Competitions.  These fun events allow the less-sporting members of the House to contribute to the Inter-House competition which runs all through the year. Although these are normal uniform days, pupils are asked to bring a t-shirt of their house colour which can be worn just for the duration of the competition, to increase that inter-house rivalry even more.

On Tuesday P5, P6, P7, P8 will also be competing, so bring a t-shirt then. On Wednesday it is the turn of P3 and P4; your chance to bring a t-shirt with you. Pupils will change into and out of their t-shirts in school.

Academic News – Summer Exams & Revision

Mrs Beevor writes: 

We have moved the Trinity Examinations for P3 to P8 children to the week before half term (May 20 – 24) as we feel this gives them more time to prepare and the revision can start during the Easter Holidays. It also allows staff to complete revision lessons in school with their pupils in those final weeks before the exams.

Although revision lists will be sent home on the last Friday of this term, please do not worry if you are going away for the Easter Holidays. There will be plenty of time for your child to prepare for their examinations in the Trinity Term. We want you to enjoy the holidays with your families.

FQHS Meeting

This evening (Monday 11 March), we will hold our next FQHS Planning Meeting.  Mr Ford plans to come along to talk in a little more detail about the plans for a school ‘Parents’ Forum’.  We meet at 8:00 pm in the school dining room. All are welcome.

School Council

Mr Wood reports:

Many thanks to all of the girls and boys for another excellent School Council meeting on Tuesday. One of the best ideas this week was regarding the school uniform. I will be speaking to Mr Ford about it ready for the summer term. Many children are coming up with an extraordinary number of additional clubs. However, the Council truly believes that we offer more clubs at break times and after school than several of our competitors combined! Please continue to let us know your ideas.

Two councillors will be speaking to Mr Still about a Robotics club – which we may be able to incorporate into our existing Computer Club. There was a long list of possible destinations for future school trips and these will be discussed with staff. The Science Museum has previously visited QHS but we are still planning to visit in the future.

Towards the end of the meeting, a suggestion was made to run the Fairtrade Competition that we did last year.  As we are still in Fairtrade Fortnight, it seemed silly to refuse.

Fairtrade Fortnight Part 2

The School Council will be running a competition between each class to collect as many Fairtrade logos as possible. All stickers from bananas, oranges, tea and coffee containers are all valid. Please send them to the Form Tutors who will collate them.  At the end of the term, the Council will select the class that has collected the most stickers and they will receive a small Fairtrade prize as a reward. The stickers will be turned into another Fairtrade display to be used in my subject – Theology, Philosophy and Religion –  in which Fairtrade is part of the curriculum. Many thanks and keep the great ideas coming.

Prep 5 Scientists

Miss Shaw and Mrs Khan report:

P5 have consolidated their understanding of solubility in science. They tested a range of substances including chalk, jelly, coffee and pepper to see if they dissolve in water. The children then used a stopwatch to see how long it would take for each substance to dissolve. This information will be used to draw conclusions. They have really enjoyed testing the properties of different materials in recent science lessons. They started off by going on a material hunt around the school. They then had to describe the different materials in feely bags using scientific language and guessing what they were. They also tested the properties of a wide range of materials and used their findings to discuss what they would be useful for and why.

prep 5 scientists image   prep 5 scientists 2

Cross Country

Here is our team, and Danny, who came 2nd out of nearly 100 runners.  Well done to every involved! 

cross country        cross country winner

Can you fit a child in a soap bubble?

You can, if you bring a Science Museum Live demonstration into school! soap bubble challenge 2

There will be more pictures in a website article soon, but we had a great day on Friday 8 March with lots of exciting, noisy and messy science.

Watch this space for news about
The Great QHS Bake Off – Coming in April!

Great British QHS Bake Off

Art Clubs

Our incredibly popular Art Clubs will be holding their termly exhibition of work in the Susan Milner Hall on 25 March from 4:00 pm.  Parents of the children attending these clubs will be able to see their pieces and other parents are welcome to come and view the work they have done with Mrs Durg too!  Light refreshments will be available.


Mike Still 
Assistant Head (Administration)
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