Issue 7 - 22 February 2019  

Dear Parents,

Sport at QHS continues to go from strength to strength with the U11 Hockey performing extremely well on two separate occasions last week. Mr Ellis certainly has a passion for the sport and he has managed to get the best out of the children.

On Friday we were treated to a superb assembly by P5K. The children’s individual performances were outstanding and all contained a lot of humour which was professionally delivered. I must congratulate them all for entertaining us so well. The theme was St Valentine and I certainly learnt a great deal about the history of such an important day (for the romantics amongst us). 

I must also congratulate the boys and girls as their senior school exam results have now been released. It has been a very impressive year with a total of three academic scholarships, a music scholarship and one sports scholarship being awarded. The children, staff and parents have worked very hard this year and deserve great praise for these outstanding results. 

I can now confirm that Mr Sheikh will be absent from school for up to 6 weeks due to a knee injury. I have asked the teaching staff who have a science background to take on his teaching load until his return. Mr Antoine will be teaching P7 and P8; Mr Still will be teaching P6 and Mrs H Khan and Miss Shaw will be teaching P5. Most of them have had experience teaching science in previous schools and I know that the children will benefit from their expertise. In preparation we are doing some work on the lab over half term to ensure it is ready for the experiments that lie ahead. 

Headmaster’s Briefing.

We had a full house at the Headmaster’s Briefing and, although there were more parents than chairs, I know some parents were unable to make the evening. There were a lot of positives to come out of the recent questionnaire which were discussed during the evening. To summarise the evening, I have listed below some of the concerns raised in the questionnaire and the actions the school has and will be taking to rectify these.

  • The first point raised was communication. It was felt that losing the newsletter was having a negative effect on the parents understanding of what was going on at school. We have since replaced the newsletter with the Herald which is now managed by Mr Still. I think you will all agree that this gives the parents all the information they need to plan for the many school events. 
  • Homework was also mentioned. We have now done our fourth review of the homework being set and we are now focusing on the core subjects in the younger age groups whilst ensuring the older children focus on all subjects such as Humanities, French and Science. Please ensure you only allow your child to work for the time allocated. It is better that they have family time and time to read rather than do an hour of homework. The value of "Show my Homework" was questioned and the school will now be using this as its main form of communicating what homework is being set rather than relying on the homework diary.
  • We are now including more parents’ evenings during the year so that there is immediate feedback on exams and other such tests. The new dates will be communicated through the calendar.
  • I have had a number of meetings with parents who have raised concerns that the parent body does not have a ‘voice’. It is essential that parents feel that they can come and see me whenever they have a concern. I am aware that many parents do not have the time to spare for this and a quick email or Whatsapp message seems to be the main form of communication. The school has decided to create a parents’ forum which will meet termly to discuss concerns and the general direction the school is taking. I will be asking the FQHS to hold a meeting where this can be discussed before it is launched next term. The forum will consist of a form rep from each class and relevant teachers. I will report back on this once I have met the FQHS and others. 
  • The younger classes have been running a monitor system for a couple of years which we have now decided to make more formal. Each half term two or more form monitors will be elected to oversee their class. The roles given will be decided by the class teacher. The monitor system will run from P3 to P8 initially with the Pre-prep doing a slight variation on this. I hope this gives those children who go that extra mile for the school some recognition for all that they do. 
Much more was discussed on the evening and I will be referring back to some of these points in future editions of the Herald.

I hope you have all had a restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all the re-energised children on Monday.

International Mother Language Day 2019

Mrs Sweeney writes:
"I hope that all our families will have at least been able to talk to their children about International Mother Language Day, on Thursday 21 February. This day serves to provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all languages spoken by you, your families and the children of Quainton Hall. 

"Please acknowledge this date during the holiday if you can, and we look forward to hearing from the children how they marked this important celebration on our return to school."

Inconsiderate Parking

A neighbour of the school has recently sent us a photo of a car parked across their drive in a very inconsiderate manner. We don’t plan to ‘name and shame’, but please help us to maintain the good relationships that we have with our near residential neighbours and with Trinity Church. Please don’t park across their drives, or on the pavement.  A short walk to and from your car won’t do the children any harm!

From the Art room

Mrs Durg writes:
"P5 children are very excited as they have started to work on their Claude Monet canvas paintings in class. They will start to layer the paints as soon as we come back from the half term. 

"P7 children have completed their 3D Elements of Art cubes. Each face represents an element of art. We have Line, Colour, Value, Shape, Form, Texture and Space. They enjoyed working on the faces and putting the cubes together. Pictures will soon be available on the Website.

"'Fair is foul, and foul is fair'- Macbeth P8 boys have worked very hard designing their Macbeth posters, which are now complete and ready to be published. Keep your eyes open on the Website!"

Maths puzzles

Mrs Ghaghda’s P5 class have been trying to figure out ratios;  fun but complex stuff!
The winners were Danny and Juliet well done!
                              second maths puzzle   third maths challengemaths puzzle

Puzzle winners

And here are the proud winners of the P7 surds puzzle competition. 




Website Updates

A number of new News articles have been uploaded to the QHS website. Why not go and find out a little more about our recent activities!

Measuring around the school

Miss Shaw writes:                                  
measuring the school
students measuring the school
 "P3 have enjoyed learning  about measurements in Maths. The  children used lunges to estimate different lengths and distances around the school. They then used equipment such as trundle wheels and metre sticks to find the actual measurements and they also calculated the perimeter of the pre-prep playground!"  

World Book Day Returns

Mrs Beevor reminds us:
"World Book Day will be celebrated in school on Thursday 7 March. The theme of the World Book Day assembly is Fairy Tales and Bedtime stories. Younger pupils may like to dress up as their favourite character from a fairy tale or bedtime story. Older pupils may prefer to dress up as a character from their favourite home reading book. Please take note that this is entirely optional as we are just happy to see our pupils dressed as a book character of their choice on this day. Half term is a good time to source a costume!"

Coming Soon

As always, there is plenty going on! The most immediate key dates to note are:
  • Monday 25 February – Some P5 children are out to a Maths Puzzle Day
  • Tuesday 26 February – PP2 and P7 children are out on trips
  • Wednesday 27 February – We hope to have the Fire Brigade in to visit the younger children
  • Thursday 28 February – P7 visit the British Film Institute for a French Film Day

Mike Still
Assistant Head (Administration)
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