Issue 5 - 1 February 2019

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,
The weather was a real challenge last week with snow and ice creating havoc on Friday. It is never an easy decision to close a school but with so many staff stranded north of Watford, and the surfaces around the school site posing such a potential risk to the health and safety of the pupils, the School was unavoidably forced to close. They do say that a snow day has its own educational value and, in spite of the obvious inconvenience the closure must have caused, I hope the majority of parents and children managed to enjoy the extended weekend.
Due to the threat of the weather we postponed the Headmaster’s briefing for P3 and below. I hope those of you who were planning to come on Thursday will now be able to do so on this Thursday, 7 February. The purpose of the evening is to review points raised in the recent parent questionnaire and to share with you our vision for future developments within the School. I look forward to welcoming you all on Thursday.
On Friday morning, we will be hosting our first Big Breakfast of 2019 and I hope you will be able to join us to support the Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope charity.  Mr. Still gives details below.
I have received some emails from concerned parents relating to the fact that Eid falls on the same week as the school exams would normally fall in June. The Management team and I have decided to bring the exams forward to the week before the half-term holiday. Revision lists will go out at the end of the Lent term. The dates for the 13+ Common Entrance exams will remain in the week after half term.  Mrs Khan will be going through the timetable for exams at the Headmaster’s Briefing on Thursday.

Art Lessons for the Older Children

Prep 8 have started to work on an exciting new topic. They are learning everything about poster design and are creating an exciting Macbeth poster. These posters will be on display just after half term.
Prep 7 are creating an 3D cube based on the Elements of Art. Each side of the cube will represent an element (Colour, Form, Line, Value etc.).
Prep 6 are enjoying creating their one-point perspective artwork, the view is “through a keyhole”. From sunsets to landscapes and even bridges, some very creative ideas are forming.

Some of the final results will be shown in the Herald or on the website in due course.

Themed Spring Holiday Fun

We have been sent information from the Perform Drama group, who regularly visit QHS for Drama workshops with our Pre-Prep children, to advertise their full day drama, dance and singing holiday courses for 4 – 10 year olds.  These are being held locally in the February half-term, and in the Easter holiday.  
Perform Drama also offer every child a FREE trial session at one of their regular classes, and for Quainton Hall Children there is also a special discount of £30 if they sign up. The discount code is QHSH200219.
Please do visit their website or contact them on 020 7255 9120 for more details of the holiday clubs or the regular classes.

Big Breakfast

The final reminder that our first fund-raising Big Breakfast of the year takes place on Friday 8 February, from 7.30am.  Parents and Children are all welcome to come in for a full cooked breakfast, with all the trimmings.  Our Charity Calendars will be on sale too!
Adults are asked to pay £5 and Children £4, for a really good start to the day!
We are very excited that Sarah Hope, founder of Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope, should be with us then too.  The children met her last week in school; now she hopes to meet lots of parents too!
Easter Holiday Club Reminder
We have been told of a forthcoming Holiday Club that will be held at Norbury School (just round the corner from QHS) during the Easter Holidays. The Holiday Club will be managed by sports coaches and other members of the Norbury School staff team.  The sessions are appropriate for children from Reception to Year 6.

There will be a flyer about this on display in the QHS Office, but you can find out more on their website

West Stow and Walsingham Trip

Mr Still writes:
Parents of P3 and P4 children are gradually returning the consent forms for this trip.  If this document is still sitting around at home, please could you complete it and send it in to me at school.
If you have misplaced the form, please email me, and I will be happy to send out another copy!

School Council Report

Last Tuesday, members of the School Council met for their half-termly meeting in the library.

There were lots of ideas suggested, especially from the younger children, and Mr Wood will be taking the best ideas to Mr Ford for further discussion. One thing several children have mentioned previously and at this meeting was for more clubs to be made available. However, one only has to look at the huge list of over 20 activities available before, during and after school to see there are plenty! It may well be worth looking at these with your child and seeing if they could try one next term? 
One item that came from Year Three was that their recycling boxes have gone missing, so they will be being replaced today. It is great to see our pupils looking at ways to help recycling in school, perhaps we should have an ‘Eco-warrior’ award!  Do you have one of those green recycling boxes that the London Borough of Harrow used some years ago for household recycling?  If you don’t still need it, could we have it for school? – Thank you.
The School council will be running a competition to design next year’s Walk-to-School badges from next week. See your class Councillor for an entry form – the closing date is Monday 25 February.

Coming Soon

The most immediate key dates to note are:

7 February – Headmaster’s Briefing (Now for PPR to P8) – Starts at 7pm
8 February – BIG BREAKFAST – Big Fund-Raiser

Lots of Sporting Fixtures

Good luck to all our boys and girls in their matches this week and next.  It looks like a really busy schedule, at home and away, for the rest of the term. GO QHS!  I look forward to presenting some results here, and on the school website.

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Mike Still 
Assistant Head (Administration)

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