Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope Charity Calendars 

Our pupils have been busy in the Art Department designing HOPE CALENDARS for the charity ELoH.
These handmade calendars will be for sale early next term for about £5 each and the proceeds will be added to the amount we are collecting to supply prosthetic limbs for needy children in India and Africa.
On 29th November I attended the annual EloH Christmas Concert at St Brides, a famous church in Fleet Street London. There I met the founders of the charity, twin sisters Sarah and Victoria. I am delighted to announce that Sarah Hope will be visiting QHS on 25th January to talk more about the work of her charity in a special assembly. We hope to present a HOPE CALENDAR to her at this event.
Thank you for your ongoing support.EloH 1 webEloH 2 web

Mrs Beevor, 12/12/2018