Christmas Poems by P5 

 Pupils in P5 have enjoyed writing Christmas poems as preparation for the festive season. We hope you like them!
Snowman webThe Winter Snowman
I’m a winter snowman, with a carrot for my nose.
Buttons as my eyes and old shoes on my toes.
As I’m a winter snowman, when the sun comes out, I’ll melt!
But not any emotions have I ever felt.
To you, it’s rather sad to think that one day I will go.
But when the winter comes again, you can build me out of snow.
by Bethan
Christmas Magic
Deep within the whirls of snow
Is a night of magic.
Not fairies,
Not pixies.
Just within your simple home.
That is where the magic glows.
In the dead of night.
A sleigh lands on your roof with a clatter
As quiet as a mouse.
Then a man comes down the chimney
Then a rustle is heard.
In a poof of smoke!
He is big and red
Fat and podgy.
He knows all about you.
Are you good or bad?
Happy or sad?
He delivers lots of presents.
More if you’re good
Less if you’re bad!
But this only happens
Once a year.
So it’s a special time
This year!
by Daniel M 
Christmas Day
The stocking in the vase,
The baubles on the floor,
The mistletoe on the base
The Christmas tree by the door!
Time to set things right,
Before it’s Christmas Day,
In the middle of the night,
The children will all shout “Yay!”
The stocking on the wall
The baubles in the box
The mistletoe on the door,
The Christmas tree standing tall!
And now the chaos is done,
We can all have some fun,
All the chores have gone,
No more snow but is there sun?
Now it’s really morning,
Now it’s time to play,
The children are ready and yawning,
Oh, it’s Christmas Day!
by Juliet
Oh, there lies the baby Jesus,
In a lot of hay.
All the animals gather round
To see what has happened!
The three kings,
Followed the star,
Now with their presents.
Oh, thank you star,
They call aloud,
To their map in the sky.
by Riya
This is the day when Jesus was born,
The bright stars were shining in the sky,
The three Wise Men came to see the baby,
The Son and Holy Ghost.
by Parthavi

Mrs Beevor, 23/11/2018