A Tale of Two Charities 

 Dear Parents, Staff and Pupils,
As you know, we, as a school community, have done much to raise money for charity over the last few years. The 2 main charities I have been involved with are the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity and Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope. I am delighted to announce that we raised £4,404 this year from our Big Breakfast and The Grand Canal Challenge in July. This means that over the 3 years we have supported the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity we have raised the massive total of £18,044.77. This is an enormous amount for a small school such as ours and I thank you all from my heart for your kindness, generosity and support. Gill Raikes MBE, the Chief Executive of the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, has this message to you:
Dear Kathryn,
Please could you pass on my heartfelt thanks to the parents, pupils and staff for all their help and support for our Charity and for our two hospitals – Harefield and Royal Brompton. Your participating in our Grand Canal Challenges made our events raise a lot more money, and it was terrific fun to have you taking part.  You have all been very generous and I will never forget the super sight of the children – having walked huge distances, then running around the field at Harefield Hospital as if they had hardly taken any exercise at all.
Your support went to help us buy more organ care systems at Harefield Hospital – these remarkable pieces of equipment save lives of people of all ages who desperately need a heart or lung transplant – indeed some of those patients will have been taking part alongside the children on the day and they owe their lives to the equipment, which we cannot buy without help from people like you.  
So thank you all for your energy, your generosity and for your spirit – you were all stars of our event and I shall not forget your kindness and support. 
Best wishes,
Gill (Gill Raikes MBE) Chief Executive
As you are aware last year we also supported the charity Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope. This charity provides prosthetics for children, particularly abroad where around 90% of children are unable to have artificial limbs because there is no money to provide them.  Ian Whybrow, the famous children’s author and who is also a patron for this charity visited our school last year to tell us, personally about their work. We are continuing our support of this charity and Ian, will visit us again in February. I would like to thank you for contributing towards our recent Second Hand Book Sale where we raised £145.76. We have now raised nearly £1000 for this charity. Some of the ways we will be supporting Ian’s charity again are by making and selling HOPE calendars and by holding a Big Breakfast next year. As we become more involved with this charity we will learn more about how our money is being spent. I would like to thank Mr Ellis for helping me organise our annual Second Hand Book Sale.



Mrs Beevor, 19/11/2018