Back to School... 

3I4A1824I’d like to start by wishing you all a warm welcome to the new academic year, especially those of you who are joining the Quainton Hall community for the first time.

We welcome four new members of staff: 
Mrs N Khan - PP1 Teacher
Miss A Rajdev and Miss M Shaw  - P3 Teacher
Mrs K Patel – Reception Class  Teaching Assistant. 

All have joined us with outstanding references and I am excited by what they bring the school. 

As the school grows we have had to split a number of classes to accommodate the children. We now have four classes in the Middle School; P3S, P3R, P4C and P4N split. 

We have also made a change to the tutors at the top of the school with Mr Wood now overseeing P8 and Mr Still taking charge of P7. The children’s tutors and class teachers will be introducing themselves very soon, if they have not done so already. 

Over the summer we saw the launch of our new interactive website. This is still evolving, but we hope you’ll like some of the new features and find it a useful tool helping you to navigate school life and provide you with the support you need. You’ll all be sent details soon regarding logins and other features. We will be updating the website with all the latest news and this will replace the old newsletter, so do keep an eye on it!

Laptops will be used throughout the school and we hope that this will be a development that not only makes the education enjoyable but also enhances the curriculum.

On the children’s return to school tomorrow some of them will require games bags. Year 5 and 6 do have games tomorrow and the PE programme starts for P3 on Thursday. Bags at the ready!

Minibuses will be in action tomorrow. Please ensure that you and, more importantly, the children are ready for collection at the time allocated. 

All the staff will be in the playground tomorrow to assist the children in finding their classrooms and form teachers. Please be advised that the bell will go at 8.25 for the beginning of the school day.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.