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Where a child is attending another school, a copy of their most recent report, birth certificate and a passport size photograph should accompany this registration or be brought when attending initial interview.

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  I/We hereby register my/our child for possible admission to Quainton Hall School, having read the School Prospectus and the associated documents.
I/We undertake to conform to all the Rules & Regulations of the School as set out in those documents and as amended from time to time.
I/We also attach a cheque for fifty pounds (payable to Quainton Hall School) as the Registration Fee.
I/We fully understand and agree to the Standard Terms & Conditions specified within the Scale of Fees, in particular the requirements that fees are due on the first day of term and that a full term’s notice in writing of any intention to withdraw a child from the School must be given, failing which a term’s fees are payable instead of such notice.