Goodbye to our butterflies

painted-lady-butterflyChildren have enjoyed observing the lovely Painted Lady butterflies which hatched on Monday morning.  Three days later they sang a ‘goodbye’ song as they released the butterflies into the Nursery garden, ending an enjoyable term learning about different life cycles.

The children also enjoyed our ‘oceans and sea’ activities.  They have painted, glued and decorated various materials to represent the sea and the creatures that live in it.

Thank you to everyone for attending our Nursery sports day.  It was wonderful to see all the children, parents and staff enjoying group sports activities. 

Diary dates
I look forward to welcoming all our new Reception children and their parents on Thursday 29th June at 9.30am.  Please bring your child to the Reception class promptly so they can meet Miss Agius before the meeting at 10am.   

Topics for the week beginning Monday
Number – 15, Letter – Ii
Interest table – Summer Holiday
Shape – Wavy Lines, Colour – Purple,  
Nature table – Summer, Concept – On Top and  Underneath
Fruit/vegetable – Plums,  Word of the week – Improvement 

Mrs Tracie Doe, Head of Early Years, 06/07/2017