News from Prep

Tuesday's Chess Club Tournament Winners!
Pupils who attend Poetry Club have enjoyed writing a variety of poems.
Last Friday, our U11 girls participated in Aldenham’s Netball Tournament.
P3 and P4 have been designing their own custom made netball kits.
P4 enjoyed a fun maths lesson making cubes from nets.
Showcasing our artistic talented pupils!
Pupils in P5 have enjoyed writing Christmas poems.
P3 have been learning about bullying.
P3 have been working on multiplying and dividing numbers.
A letter from the Chief Executive.
P3 enjoyed working in pairs and learnt about the Roman Gods.
Our children performed beautifully in their Diwali assembly.
P7 pupils were investigating reflection, refraction and dispersion of light.
U11A Girls' Netball continue their winning streak!
In support of the WWF.
P3 have had fun learning about how the Romans sent signals.
P5 pupils were investigating the solubility of various substances.
Thanks to the huge generosity of our QHS community.
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