Admissions Policy

Quainton Hall School prides itself on the diverse range of abilities and talents of its pupils.  The Equality & Diversity Policy of the school, together with this Admissions Policy make it clear that the school does not illegally discriminate against any potential pupils. There is no form of discrimination against any potential pupil on any grounds. All potential pupils are assessed for inherent ability and parents are asked to submit a copy of the child’s most recent school report; the information gleaned from these two areas is used to decide whether the child could benefit from the kind of education which the school offers.  This Admissions Policy is a statement of the criteria used to admit pupils to the school. It has regard to the DfE Schools Admissions Code 2012 but is not bound by them. The school recognises special educational needs but is not suitable, in terms of its provision, for anything other than a mild learning difficulty.  The School is prepared to make reasonable adjustments for the educational needs of specific pupils and has a SENDA Plan that is reviewed and, if necessary, updated.


Admission to Quainton Hall Nursery
This part of the policy is clearly defined in the Quainton Hall Nursery Document, a copy of which can be obtained by application to the Head of Early Years.

Registration of a Pupil
Before the Admission process begins, both parents must complete and submit a Registration Form, together with the requisite (non-refundable) fee. They are then invited to visit the School and meet the Headmaster. Should they then decide to pursue their application, an invitation will be sent to assess the child formally. Following this assessment, should an offer of a place be made the Headmaster will write to the parents making a formal offer; this place is secured by paying a deposit, half of which is used to offset the first term’s fees should the child come to the School. The other half is used to offset the costs incurred during the pupil’s final term. Any balance is returned to the parents. The deposit is non-refundable should the place not be taken up. Both parents are expected to sign all relevant documents or give evidence of legal reasons to prevent this.

Entry into the Pre-Prep
This is most often in the Michaelmas Term and the process begins in January. A week is set aside and potential pupils for entry at 4+ are invited, in small groups of 4 or 5 at a time, to undertake a series of assessment tasks to determine their potential and current abilities.  Members of the Pre-Prep teaching staff are involved. Each child is also given opportunities to play with other children and to engage in conversation.
Following the process the recommendations of the staff are passed to the Headmaster who, in consultation with the Head of Early Years and Head of Lower School, decides whether or not to offer a place, provided evidence from the child’s current nursery school does not conflict with the findings from the assessment.
Applications from potential pupils received after January, or for entry into PP1 or PP2 are assessed similarly, as soon as possible after the Registration Form has been received.

Entry from Quainton Hall Nursery into Reception and the Pre-Prep
Before the Admissions’ process begins, both parents must complete and submit the standard Registration Form for the Main School, together with the requisite (non-refundable) fee.  Should parents then decide to pursue an application, an invitation is sent to assess the child formally. This process normally happens in January and part of the assessment includes the Headmaster liaising with the Head of Early Years to obtain information about that child’s progress. The assessment of candidates from Quainton Hall Nursery is the same as for other applicants at Reception, though the Headmaster makes every effort to see the nursery to accept Nursery children into the Pre-Prep, unless the assessment indicated that the Pre-Prep would not be the right place for a Nursery child. In such circumstances, the parents concerned will be invited to meet the Headmaster, so he can discuss the assessment with them.

Entry into the Lower School (P3 to P4)
Following receipt of a completed Registration Form, parents are invited to visit the School and meet the Headmaster; following this, should they wish to pursue the application, their child is invited to spend the morning at the School, where (s)he will meet potential classmates and be assessed by the Head of the Lower School, using standardised tests of reasoning and reading skills. Following this and receipt of a satisfactory report from the child’s current school, a place will be offered, provided the assessment does not discover any severe learning difficulties; should this be the case, careful thought is given about whether the School’s level of Learning Support is adequate to cater for the particular needs highlighted.

Entry into the Senior School (P5 to P8)
Following receipt of a completed Registration Form, parents are invited to visit the School and meet the Headmaster; following this, should they wish to pursue the application, their child is invited to spend a couple of hours at the School, where (s)he will be assessed by the Second Master, using standardised tests of reasoning; (s)he will also be asked to read a passage from a book, answer questions about it and write in brief about him(her)self. An offer of a place is made subject to a satisfactory performance on these tests and receipt of a supporting report from the child’s current school, together with information of any previously known special educational needs the child may have.

Faith Considerations
It is made clear to prospective parents that Quainton Hall is a Christian-based school and that pupils are expected to courteously attend the weekly Mass and other liturgical events during the school year and we would not ask for active participation.   Should this not be commensurate with a family’s own religious beliefs, the Headmaster will advise the parents that the selection of another school may be in the best interests of the child.

Misbehaviour and Exclusions.
The School operates a Behaviour Policy for Pre-Prep and Prep, in which rewards and sanctions, including exclusions is outlined.

Reviewed: September 2016
Next Review: September 2018