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Quainton Hall School Council

The Charter 

  • All pupils have the right to have a say in school life.

  • Pupil Councillors will have regular opportunities to feed back ideas about key issues affecting the school to the wider student body and to school management.

  • The School Council will have the opportunity to meet at least twice every term during school time. 

  • The School Council will be consulted and have a say in certain decisions that are appropriate. 

  • Pupil Councillors should be given the appropriate support to enable them to participate effectively. 

  • Pupils will be regularly informed, with reasons, of actions taken or not taken as a result of their views and participation.

Your Councillors:

Chair: Shahmir P8

P8 Faraz

P7 Rohyn

P6 Zain

P5 YAnay

P4 Aryan

P3 Parthavi

PP2 Anaiyah

PP1 Tashini


Date of Next Meeting:

8.00am        15th November



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Minutes of the last meeting

9th May Meeting