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Senior School

QHS Senior SchoolMany of the arrangements established in the Middle School continue in the Senior school (Years 6, 7, & 8) where pupils are taught almost entirely by subject specialists. The pupils are set for maths, English and French.  Pupils for whom Latin is judged not to be appropriate, are given extra English lessons in their timetable.

In addition to accessing the normal range of academic subjects, pupils in Year 6 begin a course in Latin which they can follow up to 13+.

In the Senior School we are frequently joined by newcomers and it is school policy to facilitate transfer from the maintained system. Our aim is to continue to build on the sound foundations laid in earlier years. With the school extending its provision for girls from 4+ to 11+, girls will be fully prepared for 11+ transfer examinations.  There is an excellent choice of senior girls schools in north-west London (day and boarding). Parents will be invited in to meet the Headmaster to discuss their daughter’s options for the next stage in her education. 

The choice of a pupil's senior school at 13+ is a matter of on-going discussion between parents, Headmaster and academic staff. In general, application is made to two schools, the first being the family's first choice with a second in reserve. Some families also consider boarding education for their children(either in the independent or maintained sectors) and this tends to be an additional choice.

Our record of enabling pupils to move on to the right school at 13+ is enviable, as our Pass Lists clearly show. In most years a number of our 13+ leavers receive senior scholarship awards in a variety of areas, including academice excellence, art, drama and sport.

As with the youngeryears pupils are most welcome to arrive at school from 8.00am onwards and a free, after school 'late class' care facility is available up to 4.45pm. 

Children requiring longer care may be registered with Activetime, an OFSTED registered after school care club, based on the school site and offering care up to 6.00pm.