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Middle School

In Year 3, pupils move into the Prep Department and with P4 are part of the Middle School. They have their own dedicated form rooms and form teacher.  Whilst taught most subjects in their form room, they begin to move about the school for lessons with subject specialist teachers such as for art, music and drama.                    

QHS Middle SchoolThe Middle School classes are not streamed. The average class size is 18.

Pupils' progress is regularly monitored and great care is taken by the form teachers and subject staff to develop a good sense of purpose and drive, supported by sound and effective organisational skills in each child.

Our aim is to enable each child to use to the best possible effect the talents he/she undoubtedly has. In the Middle School a child's effort and attainment are regularly assessed and grades are awarded each half term (this is in addition to the report which goes home three times a year). There are two Parent/Teacher Consultations for each form in the course of the academic year.

Prep or Homework is a regular feature of a child's  life throughout their time at Quainton Hall School. The amount set depends on age. All pupils are given a blue Prep Diary and parents check and sign it at least once each week.

Pupils in the Middle School are also expected to have a reading book with them at all times. We expect them to keep up their reading at home, especially at the week-end.

The children continue into Year 5 during which they prepare for their careers in the Senior School.

During the lunch hour and at the end of the school day, many pupils are involved in matches and extra-curricular activities.

From the age of seven, pupils may arrive at school at 8.00am, when they will be looked after by our Playground Supervisor.  The school offers a free 'Late Class' after school care facility up to 4.45pm.

Children requiring longer care may book with Activetime, an OFSTED registered after school care provider that can offer care up to 6.00pm and is based on the school site.